She thinks of them as a failure and is also jealous of them being close to Kanata. As a result she even goes to the extent of asking Kanata to give up on them. When Kanata took her to the E601's room after Real knocked her unconscious, she thanked them and was cordial with them for a while but after being reminded of her old times with Kanata, she again gets determined to defeat them.

Kanata AgeEdit

Yuri is in love with Kanata but presents a hostile behavior towards him in order to hide these feelings. The fact that she still calls Kanata "senpai" clearly shows that her hostile attitude is merely an act. In the anime it is mentioned that Yuri joined S128 because she wanted to be with Kanata and when she asks who defeated the new unknown Chimera, Chloe tells her its the man she loves - Kanata.

Chloe Sevigny & Lloyd AlwinEdit

They are part of S128 and now also part of the Guardians. They both try to change her behavior towards Kanata, knowing that he is not a traitor and that she has feelings for him.

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