Note: This page contains spoilers.

If you know something that happens further in the story, please share it here. Its fine even if its vague. If you are doubtful about something or who did it put a ? along with it. Please keep in mind that the info written here might not be 100% accurate.

  • Almost every light novel follows the plot of a single character (normally the one on the cover page) and the plot of ‘the mystery of Kanata being a traitor’ deepens with each novel.
    • Novel 1 – Misora and story of her mother (In anime, up to Ep 6 - the battle with Deneb and Antares)
    • Novel 2 – Yuri and the mess with Real and the third eye (Rest of the anime Ep 7-12)
    • Novel 3 – Lecty and her past (the fight with her cousin? Blair Eisenach)
    • Novel 4 – Rico and Freon and their past is explained (Freon finds the truth about Kanata and his power/curse and forgives him (or asks for forgiveness))
    • Novel 5 – Christina Balcunor and another girl, Alice? (they have come to investigate Kanata’s power and might also have the same and even more stronger power than him)
    • Novel 6 –
    • Novel 7 –
  • Kanata’s power/curse from the beetles is slowly draining his life force due to which he is training his replacements and at the same time, alienating himself from his loved ones. He is temporarily healed at the end of vol 05. Only Chloe and Freon know about it though.?
  • Chloe, apparently has been in love with Kanata from the beginning. In volume 5, Freon also warns Chloe "Kanata doesn’t have much time left anymore. Don’t let yourself regret for life." Might be one of the reasons she later becomes a sub-instructor of E601, to remain close to him.
  • There is a world tournament of the Sky Wizards that will take place further in the story. The only team that should have been selected for the tournament is E601 because they won the Mistgun tournament but due to their record consisting of only one win and many losses, their opponent A227 were the one chosen as they had only one loss. But after some convincing from Kanata?, both teams were chosen for the tournament.

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