Kanata Age Edit

Initially, she thought of him as a pervert but now respects him and admits that his training while unusual, is beneficial. She also has feelings for him but these are not very obvious. She also wonders about his flirty attitude with Misora and Lecty and had also felt a little jealous once when Kanata complimented Lecty.

Fleon Flamel Edit

The elder sister of Rico. She used to look up to her but now she wants to surpass her. In the anime its shown that its because Freon became the leader of the Guardians which created a wall between the two sisters.

Misora Whitale & Lecty EisenachEdit

She cares about her team members even if she pretends she doesn't. She likes to tease Misora about her small chest size and trusts Lecty enough that she trusts her cooking skills without ever having tried them. It was also stated by Kanata that out of the three E601 members she's the one that cares about the others the most.