• Fuu~Remember this. My name is Rico Flamel. I am the reincarnation of a goddess. (Light Novel Vol.1 Prologue)
  • "Beware, don't let my divine performance make you fall in love with me." (To Kanata)
  • "The Magic Gun Athena, as beautiful as the goddess that wields it, shall smite you."
  • "Even though my beauty is truly irresistible, how could you suddenly take your pants off?" (To Kanata)
  • "In reality, I, a goddess, am the hero that will save the world."
  • "You may not be “Boing! Bam!” like us. You may instead be “Splat, plink, swoosh-plop, whoosh.”" (trying to console Misora because of her small chest size)

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