Mistgun Academy Tournament
Mistgun Academy Tournament Arena

Mistgun Academy Tournament is a Tournament between all fireteams ranking from E to A. The S-ranked teams cannot participate in the tournament. Freon hosted this tournament as a way to improve the fireteams for battle against the beetles. In the tournament, every fireteam gets a fresh start as their previous wins or loses are not considered.


The teams fight 1v1. To win, defeat the opponent fireteam’s leader.


Teams are divided into 4 blocks – A, B, C and D. Each block has 16 teams. The winner proceeds to the next level.


The winner of the tournament will get a 2-rank boost (i.e. from E to C, C to A and so on). The winner team will also get specialized fighting equipment designed by the Alchemists wing to counterattack the beetle threat.

Notable MatchesEdit

  • E601 vs. E571 (Qualifying Round)
    • Winner – E601
  • E601 vs. A227 (Final)
    • Winner – E601


The E601 win the tournament but instead of getting a 2-rank boost, the Sky Wizards Chief, Freon decided to cancel out the debts for destroying the city during a previous Chimera attack. Also, the special equipment was destroyed due to Real Nua’s attack and while they could keep the equipment, they obviously would not be able to use it.

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