Kanata AgeEdit

He is her instructor. Initially she thought of him as traitor and pervert but after seeing him help her and her team members she's started trusting him. She is also the only one who was visibly flustered and upset when she thought Kanata was on a date with Yuri.

Rico FlamelEdit

They are good friends and teammates. Rico also likes to tease Misora about her smaller chest size.

Lecty EisenachEdit

They are good friends and teammates. Misora often would act towards Lecty like an elder sister. Lecty knows she can always rely on her.


Gale WhitaleEdit

The father of Misora. When she was a child they spent most of their time together. But after Socié's death, while still loving each other there's a distance between the two due to the fact that Misora remembers Socié and he doesn't.

Socié Whitale Edit

Socié is Misora's mother and Misora loves her very much. Socié is her main motivation to become a Sky Wizard. Misora misses her very much and goes to her grave daily to visit her.

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