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Japanese カナタ・エイジ
Rōmaji Kanata Eiji
Alias Black Master Swordsman
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday December 9th
Status alive
Eye Blue
Hair Black
Occupation Instructor
School Mistgun
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Japanese voice Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
English voice Joel McDonald

Kanata Age (カナタ・エイジ Kanata Eiji) is a young man who lives on the floating wizard academy city of "Mistgun". He was once celebrated as the "Black Master Swordsman," the elite ace of the S128, a special team. However, he is now despised as the "traitor of the special team". One day, he is assigned as the instructor of E601, a team that has suffered 10 consecutive defeats. He's in his second year of regular courses.


Kanata is a young man in his teens he has jet black hair as well as blue eyes. He is always seen wearing school uniform of Mistgun which consists of a white shirt with a light brown sleeveless pullover, a red tie, a black coat and black trousers. As a wizard, he wears a black vest with black trousers and a blue jacket. In the manga, his left ear is pierced.


He seems to be laid back. Kanata cares about those he calls friends very much. He will give his team various jobs which are generally unusual to make them stronger. He doesn't seem to care about people calling him a "Traitor" so he just mostly ignores them. He is also very determined and will not back out on his words and will get the job done one way or the other also doesn't seem to care about authority.


Kanata and Chloe are childhood friends since the age of 7. Kanata used to train Chloe because in the beginning, she couldn't even fly properly. When they joined Mistgun Academy, Lloyd also became their friend and together they formed a fireteam. Initially, they were an E-team but eventually they managed to become S-rankers with Yuri Flostre joining them mid-way on Kanata's insistence.


Becoming the Instructor of E601

Kanata Age aka Kronos aka Black Master Swordsman aka childhood friend of Chloe Sevegny is the strongest ace of the S128 team. But in a certain battle, when one of his teammates, Yuri Flostre falls unconscious, he decides to lure the enemies away and face the enemies alone. But he didn’t know then and wouldn’t have cared even if he did that his decision will eventually cause almost the entire city of Mistgun to label him as a ‘Traitor’.

More than six months have passed since that battle, and now Kanata – the Traitor spends his time helping in the Logistics wing and generally doing nothing. He has also stopped fighting since then. One day, when he was again helping the Logistics division, his friend and ex-teammate Lloyd Alwin and the only person besides Chloe who doesn’t think of him as a traitor approaches him and informs him that the Sky Wizards division lead Freon Flamel wants to see him in his office.

On his way to Freon’s office, Kanata accidently bumps into Misora Whitale. Misora’s strawberry-jam sandwich drops onto Kanata’s trousers and due to which Misora labels him a pervert. As she starts shouting, he runs away and decides to wash his pants. As he was washing his pants, he encounters Rico Flamel who was mesmerized by her own beauty but when Rico finds out that he had taken his pants off, instead of listening to his reason, she also calls him a pervert and starts shouting for help and Kanata had to again flee from the area. But Kanata bad luck didn’t end there as he unknowing hides inside a girl’s washroom and when he was about to leave he finds Lecty Eisenach at the door who informs him that it was the girl’s washroom and nervously asks him if he was a pervert. Cursing his bad luck, he shouts NO. When he finally reaches the Academy, Chloe tells him that since she felt responsible for leaving him alone in that battle and for what had happened to him since then and so brought him a good deal. This worries Kanata as he knew that there was always something troublesome whenever she smiled like that. She then takes him to Freon who is of course not thrilled to see the Traitor near her. When he is told about being appointed as the instructor of E601, he asks why him. Chloe explains she chose him because she knew he was still working hard, helping out in the Logistics division and had confidence in him. And eventually Kanata accepts being the instructor of the E601.

The Training Begins

Initially, Misora is reluctant in accepting Kanata as their instructor but he says that if they have a problem they can take it up with the Sky Wizards Department. He says that he who is also known as 'Chronos' can make them stronger, even more than himself and they would be able to defeat the strongest teams. Rico disagrees and says that as a goddess she doesn't need to train but Kanata says he hasn’t seen her skill and according to Sky Wizards data her ability is lower than Misora. She reluctantly agrees but warns him not to fall in love with her after seeing her performance.

When Kanata takes the E601 on a trial run, he finds that they have zero teamwork. He also finds that Misora, while brash, has decent and stamina. Lecty has powerful moves but gets nervous while facing an enemy and becomes inconsistent. He was impressed with Rico's strategy of combining Lecty's hand-to-hand combat with her sniping skills but says that her intentions (moves) were telegraphed.

After the trial run, Rico refuses to participate further and leaves. After she leaves, he begins the training of the other two. For Lecty's training, he has her dress up as a maid and hand out fliers for a café called 'Garden Terrace' and for Misora's, he tells her to follow and spy on Rico to find if Rico had any weakness. After Lecty hands out the flier for the café, Kanata says for her further training she will serve the customers, which makes Lecty very nervous.

Later that evening, Misora complains to Kanata about their training but Lecty asks if he knew about her social anxiety and nervousness. He replies that with her being an Eisenach and her powerful skills it should have been a pretty good fight when they fought previously during their trial run, but she wasn’t able to show her true skills because of her anxiousness. He explained that Lecty’s training was to remove her nervousness and social anxiousness. When he asks Misora about her training, she admits that she failed not only her training but also as a leader since she didn’t know about Lecty’s problems. Kanata replies that she learned that she had much to learn which was progress. He then tells Lecty to continue her training and tells Misora that she didn’t need to follow Rico anymore since her exercise was to clarify her weakness. Overcoming it would be another training entirely.

Later that night, Chloe sneaks into Kanata's room, Kanata says she can't because it was the men's dorm. She says it's fine and just like old times. She sees him looking at Misora's data at the computer and asks what he has planned for her. The next day, Kanata tells Misora to switch from Vanguard Magic Cannon Sword to Middle Guard Magic Canon because of her zero talent in sword fighting but high magical reserves and stamina. She gets upset and refuses and says that she won’t accept this even if it could make her stronger. She says she was a fool to think that he would be a decent instructor and leaves the room.

Testing Misora’s Resolve

After Kanata’s decision, Misora starts skipping school. He then goes to the restaurant ‘Little Wing’ which is also the home of the Whitale family where he learns about Misora’s mother, Socié from her father Gale. Kanata finds Misora who had left her home after seeing him, at the Hills of Hope. Misora gets angry at her father for telling Kanata about her mother but Kanata tells her that Gale told him because he was worried about her. Kanata then tells her to vow on her mother’s grave to abandon the Magic Cannon Sword but she refuses and says that the sword represents her mother, her will and her memories and a traitor couldn’t understand that. Kanata then asks if her mother's goal was to protect everyone or just the sword while thinking about the conversation between him and Gale. Gale told him that he is scared that he will feel nothing if Misora dies, just like when he felt nothing when Socié died. Kanata then tells him not to worry about Misora dying as he won’t let that happen. Kanata tells Misora that her stubbornness may cause her death but she still refuses to give up the sword. He then starts laughing and says that he likes crazy people like her and will give her a hint on how to become better with the sword. Misora then asks if this was all a test. He replies that the path she wants to take is difficult and wanted to test her resolve. He then tells her to vow on her mother's grave to become even stronger than Socié and protect everyone and also herself. The next day, Lecty is very happy to see Misora on the wizard training with her. Misora flies away after Lecty offering a quick thanks to Kanata. Rico who is standing on a balcony watching the three admits that the instructor might be interesting after all.

Convincing Rico

Later, at a café, Lloyd and Kanata are talking about the fireteam E571, the next opponent of E601. When Yuri comments on E601’s weak skills, Kanata says that he's happy about this fact since they won’t feel any extra pressure and might have a better chance at winning the battle. After Lloyd and Yuri leave, Rico arrives at the café and spots the data about E571 on the table and asks him about it. He replies that with Lecty and Misora they might have a fighting chance. Rico then says that she still has no intention of training with them, something that Kanata has no problem with, and leaves.

Misora and Lecty decide to convince Rico to join them in training or at least the match against E571 somehow. But Rico refuses and Misora was going to start begging Rico for her help but Kanata arrives and stops her. Kanata then says he agrees with Rico that fighting when you know you would lose is uncool but he is also not the type to whine about not having a chance either. Rico starts to say he knows nothing about her but he interrupts her by offering Misora the key to victory.

Kanata starts teaching Misora the special move – 'Strike Blaster', a one-hit kill move which shoots concentrated magic laser beam towards an enemy by using the magical reserves of the person using it. Misora is able to use it but gets tired easily and wonders how Kanata was able to do it. But she finds that Kanata is also showing signs of exhaustion and wonders why that was since he used to be an elite. Lecty then asks if she would get anything special but Kanata replies that all the abilities of the Eisenach passed down from Albert Eisenach are already special enough and the maid training she did will just let them out. And even though Lecty wasn’t able to land a single hit on him, she was able to keep him on his guard.

Rico, who is watching all this from a balcony, lowers her head and admits that they both have improved and wonders if she can also improve herself by training under him. Kanata then sneaks behind Rico, who is surprised to see him. Rico asks if the move he taught Misora was the key to victory he was talking about. She says that while powerful, the charging time for it leaves the user open to attacks and without a skilled Vanguard and rear guard the move will become useless. Kanata gets impressed and agrees with her and says that is exactly why he needs her. Her sniping, decision making and analytical skills are far more than useful than her Clairvoyance, which he already knew about. He says that there are multiple keys to victory and the keys are Misora, Lecty and Rico themselves. She then asks if that were so why didn’t he show any interest in her or train her and Kanata replies that she already had godly skills and wanted Misora and Lecty to catch up to her. He tells Rico that he needs her and wants her, causing Rico to blush but also mentions that it’s also up to her to decide if she wanted to remain a loser or not. Hearing this, the image of her goal, Freon flashes in Rico’s mind. The next day, Misora and Lecty find Rico already waiting for them in the sky for training. On the ground, Kanata is happy on seeing the three keys together.

Chimera Attack

It is finally the day of the ranking match between E601 and E571 with only a few spectators. As they prepare themselves to fight, an alert is sounded throughout Mistgun and the match is interrupted. The Armored beetles Archenars have started attacking Mistgun and Mistgun is in lockdown. E601 along with Kanata is also on evacuation duty. The presence of Kanata puzzles Rico and she asks why a former ace is assisting in evacuation and not in battle. He replies that it’s complicated.

When Misora questions the presence of more than one Chimera and Kanata replies that he already knew that since the number of Archenars is very large to be handled by a single Chimera. Rico then decides to use her 'Clairvoyance' ability and spots an insane amount of Archenars entering the city through the broken wall. Kanata tells the E601 to go and defeat the large number of Archenars. They are shocked and say that how could he expect them to join in a real battle so soon. He then replies that they didn’t train to die but to survive and protect people and as their instructor he knew they couldn’t lose. On hearing this, they gain confidence and Kanata then tells them to take Mistgun and their skies back.

The E601 were defeating the enemies easily but then a new Chimera arose from the dead bodies of Archenars. The new unknown Chimera is very powerful and fires multiple lasers destroying the buildings around it. Lecty and Rico get trapped below the falling debris. When Kanata is about to enter the fight, Misora tells him not to waste his energy as she knew about his low power reserves. Kanata says that the Chimera demanded special attention from him and then summons his magic sword ‘Gladius’ and covers his entire body with a bluish-black aura. Before leaving he warns Misora to never fight like how he is about to as that was the worst instruction he can give them as their instructor. The Chimera fires multiple lasers at Kanata but he easily evades them and attacks the Chimera. He strikes the Chimera and cuts its third eye which falls to the ground. The Chimera charges up its next attack into a single powerful laser beam but Kanata answers with his own 'Strike Blaster' which kills the Chimera. Misora, who saw Kanata’s power, had a look of awe on her face. As the battle ends, Lecty and Rico manage to come out of the rubble. The E601 watch Kanata, drained of energy, fall from the sky and rush worriedly towards him.

The E601 reach Kanata but think he is dead. Kanata rises and says he is fine and they worry too much. He then says that they are now ready for the ranking matches. A little later, the E601 face their opponents E571 in the ranking match. Kanata spots Yuri standing near the stadium entrance. She says that she is interested in seeing the performance of his students. Kanata says that his fireteam is very strong now and tells her not to be surprised. But the surprised one is Kanata as the E601 loses and are getting mocked by E571. Yuri also starts mocking him about his previous comment.

Mistgun Tournament and the Bets with Freon and Yuri

After they are defeated by the E571, the E601 again starts training in the skies to improve themselves. Later, at the E601 room, the girls are complaining about the fact that their efforts and victory in the Chimera battle were not being recognized by anyone. Kanata says that it was natural as there were indeed no eyewitnesses, Misora starts to say how it was natural as he almost got hurt by using his weird power. But Kanata puts his hand on her mouth, before she was able to reveal the fact about using his weird powers to the other team members. Kanata then says he was already satisfied with the outcome. He then pulls out the tournament flier and tells them about it.

As he was about to leave the room to fill their application form, Chloe arrives and takes him to Freon’s office. Freon informs him of her decision to disband E601 and to fire him stating he had done nothing but extend their losing streak. Kanata simply refuses that he wouldn’t accept it as he had vowed to himself to make them real Sky Wizards and still had ‘stuff’ to do. Freon scoffs at this and says that while Chloe trusts him, she doesn’t. Kanata tells her to keep her doubts as he didn’t care about them and the only people he needed to prove himself to, were the E601 members. Freon tells him that even the other fireteams didn’t think of E601 much and asks what he would do about that. He simply says that if they win the tournament, the other teams will be forced to acknowledge them causing Freon to laugh loudly. She says that his team couldn’t even beat a fellow E-ranker so how could they expect to win when the tournament will have all fireteams except the S-rankers. Kanata simply asks her what if they could defeat everyone rendering Freon silent for a moment. Freon finally accepts his ‘bet’ and says that she wouldn’t disband E601 if they win. Kanata then opens the door to leave the office revealing the E601 girls spying on their conversation.

Later, at the E601 room, the atmosphere is gloomy as Kanata told them about his conversation with Freon. Kanata tells them not to worry as they just needed to win the tournament. This worries the girls even more as they had zero wins and eleven losses, a zero percent win rate. Kanata tells them the tournament puts every team on a clean slate and doesn’t consider the team’s previous match scores, so they didn’t need to worry about their zero percent win rate. He then leaves while saying that their next training will begin soon and also to attend the tournament match selection round that will take place the next day.

At the selection round, the E601 team is placed in the fourth group D and the fourth slot and their opponent is another E-ranker the E571, again. Kanata arrives and they tell him about their first opponent. Then Yuri arrives and informs him that Freon had assigned her as the instructor of an A-ranked team, the A227. She then says that it was unfortunate that their teams wouldn’t be able to fight sooner as they were in different groups but Kanata says it is fine as they will face each other in the finals. He then makes a bet with Yuri that if they win, she will join his fireteam. Yuri accepts his bet, thinking that there was no chance in a billion that the E601 could win.

Role-swap Training

When the S128 are discussing about the recent attacks by the unknown attacker, Kanata jumps down from a nearby tree. After a short conversation, Yuri leaves stating that she needed to instruct her fireteam. After she leaves, Chloe tells Kanata that when Freon asked Yuri to become an instructor, but before she could finish her statement Kanata completes it and says that Yuri asked to become an instructor of an E-ranker like him. Chloe asks him if he knew that already and Kanata replies he didn’t but he expected it from a clumsy but fair, honest and responsible person like Yuri.

Later, Kanata is training and the E601 are facing the Training Archenars. Rico is thinking about their earlier conversation where Kanata told them that for their next training, he was going to randomly shuffle their roles as Vanguard, Middle Guard and Rear Guard. Misora questions the effectiveness of such method but Lecty interrupts her and says that she’d like to try as she didn’t think Kanata’s training is ever pointless. Rico also agrees to try it but also asks Kanata how he would take responsibility if they still lose after this training. Kanata replies that he would think about it when it happens. When Rico and Lecty both give their approval, Misora reluctantly agrees to do his training.

Back in the skies, Rico understands why Kanata decided to shuffle their roles and makes a strategy that helps them in defeating the Training Archenars. Kanata, who was observing them, understood that Rico plan was to purposefully draw the enemy group deep into friendly territory to exterminate them which was definitely not Misora’s style but still worked for them. Their training is interrupted by the arrival of the team which Kanata thinks has the best chance to make it to the finals – Yuri’s team, the A227. Seeing the A227’s excellent performance, the E601 wonder if they will be able to defeat them. Kanata replies that it is possible and they just needed to work as a single fighting unit and will have to think seriously to defeat a superior team like A227.

Later, back at the E601’s room, when Kanata was massaging Rico’s shoulder as a reward for the one who achieved the goals of the day’s training, he comments that she might actually be the one that cares the most about the other two members of the team. Rico questions him about his sudden compliment and he says that she always pays attention to others, so she can also give instructions when needed. He says that people call a girl as considerate as her ‘a fine woman’ and Rico blushes. She then regains her composure and says that stating the obvious won’t make her fall in love with him. Kanata says he didn’t ask her to and then thinks that it would be nice if the others could also notice her good side.

’Date’ with Yuri

After leaving the academy, Kanata finds Yuri waiting for him wanting to have an instructor to instructor talk. Kanata is also happy to see her as he also had something he wanted to talk about. The E601, who are spying on them from behind a tree, decide to follow them. Kanata and Yuri go to a café and the E601 also sit nearby and try to hear their conversation. While Kanata and Yuri are ordering their black coffee and discussing about Yuri’s hate for the said drink, the E601 are discussing about Yuri. Misora says that she heard that Yuri’s performance was not at its best right now and Rico says it was because she wasn’t using her favorite spear anymore. Lecty then exclaims that they were on a date and Rico adds in that Kanata might be consoling her teammate and girlfriend because she wasn’t doing too well in her battles. Thinking they were on a date and after hearing the world girlfriend, Misora gets extremely depressed and then starts repeating the two words – ‘girlfriend’ and ‘date’.

Back at Kanata’s and Yuri’s table, Yuri says that Kanata can tell her what he wanted to first. He says he wanted to ask if what was written in the Mistgun Monthly about her liking only those stronger than her was correct. She says that was indeed true and Kanata asks if it was a good idea to go public like that. She says that she doesn’t mind as she had nothing to hide. He says that he is actually looking out for her and says he knows the person she likes - Chloe and he also didn’t think she was oriented that way. Yuri gets angry and asks if that was what he wanted to talk about and he says that she was the one that wanted to talk to him. Yuri then tells him that she wanted him to quit being the E601’s instructor because even if he was a traitor he had unmatched skills and says that the school has no place for failures like his team. Kanata then says that if that was the case, then it was no place for him and Chloe either. He says that in the beginning, people used to call Chloe a failure too and there was a time when she couldn’t even fly properly. He then says that as the E601’s instructor, he guarantees that they have potential. Yuri gets even angrier and leaves to pay for their table. Kanata stops her and says that he will pay but Yuri refuses and says she will pay as she invited him first. Kanata then offers to pay for the other table and points at the table where the E601 were sitting. He says that he knew they were following them.

E601’s new dorm room and encountering Real

Later, while jogging, Lecty asks Kanata about the usefulness of the role-swap training as she thinks Misora skills don’t make her a good vanguard and her own skills don’t make a good rear guard. Kanata says he knows that but would still have them continue that training and then tells Lecty to serve as a maid once more, but this time during lunch time when the café is very busy. His aim was for her to pay attention to his surroundings during hectic times and later, when the E601 were training in the skies Lecty understood his training and was able to work with her team to effectively destroy the enemies. Kanata again pats her on her head causing Misora and Rico to feel a little jealous.

The next day, Kanata encounters Chloe and is shocked to see the bags under eyes. She informs him that she wasn’t getting any sleep lately as she was on patrol duty every night to find the unknown attacker which is actually Real Nua. Misora interrupts them and asks Kanata to also make her stronger like Rico and Lecty and he tells her to wait for him in the E601 room. Seeing them interact, after Misora leaves, Chloe comments that he was enjoying training the E601 and was behaving like just when he trained Yuri. Later, Kanata tells the E601 that they will be living together until the tournament and wants them to spend as much time together as possible.

After he leaves, he buys Yuri’s favorite cream puffs and waits for her at the Academy entrance. When Yuri arrives, she reluctantly accepts the cream puffs and they go to a nearby park to eat them. Kanata then asks her if she abandoned her spear because it was him who had her convert to the spear from her original sword. Yuri’s silence answers his question and when she asks why he cared, he replies that she is his precious, but before he could finish that sentence Real in his hooded persona arrives and attacks Yuri. Yuri manages to knock his sword out of his hands but Real then uses his ‘Wind Slash’ ability and defeats her. As he was about to land the final blow, Kanata intervenes and easily defeats him stating that all he (Real) had going for him was his speed and he could never defeat Wizards like them who trained all day and night to hone their skills. Real then decides to flee but not before punching Yuri in the stomach and rendering her unconscious. Kanata then takes the unconscious Yuri to the new E601’s dorm room. Leaving her in the care of the E601, he leaves to buy a good luck charm for Yuri. When he comes back, Misora again asks the reason for them living together. But instead of answering, Kanata ruffles her hair. Seeing the friendly environment between Kanata and E601, Yuri is reminded of her old memories with him and leaves while thanking them but also saying that she still won’t be going easy on them.

The Tournament Begins

Before the tournament begins, Kanata and Misora go to the stadium where Misora is upset about her being the weakest in her team. Kanata simply tells her to relax and look around a little and says she might see something that she had missed. Initially, she was not able to understand what he meant but when the tournament starts, watching Rico and Lecty fighting in sync and their trust in each other, she realizes that what she had missed was the trust in her teammates and how to rely on them and that by living together, Kanata wanted to increase their understanding and trust in each other. After that, she easily beats the first opponent, E571 with her ‘Strike Blaster’.

The E601 then continue to win and defeat everyone in the tournament and reach the finals. Before the finals, Freon reveals about her bet with Kanata to the entire city so that he could not get out of it when he loses the final against, Yuri’s team – the A227. When the final match begins, it seemed that the A227 will win as they were keeping the E601 on the offensive all the time. Yuri then tells Kanata that she predicted all of his moves and his team will not win but is shocked when Misora pulls a feint move on the A227’s leader, Lily. Due to the feint, Lily gets angry and loses her calm and relentlessly pursues Misora and Kanata says to Yuri that the hunters have now become the hunted. Then Misora uses her ‘Strike Blaster’ for real this time and defeats the A227 winning the tournament. But as soon as the A227 is defeated an alarm is sounded throughout Mistgun and the whole stadium is evacuated. Real had come to take back Yuri.

Real’s Final Attack

An obsessive psycho Real flies towards Yuri but is stopped by Kanata who throws him away from her. Real then throws some benches towards Kanata. Kanata manages to avoid all of them but a piece of metal pierces his leg and he falls down. The E601 attack Real but Kanata tells them not to interfere as he had friends too. Suddenly, Real is attacked by powerful lasers that destroy his hand. The attacks were fired by Kanata’s friends, Chloe and Lloyd. Real then transforms into a beetle and puts up a barrier that stops Chloe and Lloyd from interfering. Real inside the barrier traps Yuri with his tentacles. Kanata then finally shows off his blue-black aura and starts fighting him. Real recognizes the power and comments that Kanata is focusing on only the negative aspects of the power and that it was funny that the strongest person in Mistgun was ‘infected/blessed’ with the power of their nemesis – the Armored Beetles. Real then also traps Kanata but the E601 free him and Yuri. Real then transforms his left hand into a chain and attacks Yuri with it but before it can reach her, Kanata blocks it with his own body resulting in the chain punching a hole through is stomach. Kanata then falls to the ground but is still conscious. On seeing their instructor fall, the E601 and Yuri work together to defeat Real. Yuri finally uses her spear, Trishula, which was recommended by Kanata and defeats Real. Real then tries to attack Kanata again, knowing that he was important to Yuri but Kanata doesn’t show any fear and simply says that he (Real) had been dancing in the palm of his (Kanata) hands from the beginning. Yuri then throws her spear which pierces Real and he finally turns back into a human.

The Aftermath

Real is taken to the hospital and the E601 and the S128 members are watching the injured being taken to the hospital. Chloe asks Kanata about his wounds. But it is revealed that Kanata’s wound had already healed and the others didn’t know about it (meaning everything that happened in the battle was going according to Kanata’s plan). Chloe then tells Kanata to be careful. When Kanata sees Freon approaching with reinforcements, Kanata decides to leave. Later, at the E601, Kanata informs that even as the winner of the Mistgun tournament, they won’t be getting the two-rank upgrade as instead of upgrading their rank, Freon had decided that their win would compensate for them destroying part of the city during the Chimera attack. He also mentions the high-tech weapons that they were to be awarded after winning, were destroyed during Real’s attack but they could still take it if they wanted to. The E601 comments that in the end they get nothing but Kanata says that it wasn’t nothing and he knows that their hard work bore fruit. He then informs them about the arrival of a new member and just then the door opens revealing the new member, Yuri. Because she lost the bet she had to join the E601. Yuri also brings a cake that says ‘I Love You’ but even though she says it was meant to be opened later in private, Kanata and the E601 open it revealing the message. Kanata then says that even though he knew about her orientation, he didn’t understand if the cake was for Misora, Lecty or Rico causing Yuri to leave the room and the E601 to shake their heads at his response.

In the end, Kanata, up in the skies alone, is looking at the city of Mistgun and is happy that peace has again returned.

Weapon & Ablities


  • The Sword of Destruction "Gladius"- It is a magic cannon sword that is colored pure black. It has the ability to consume the user's magic power to shoot a powerful laser beam just like regular magic cannon swords.
  • Blackhawk - Kanata's custom-built hoverboard that's three times faster than standard flying devices.
  • Main Gauche - Kanata's secondary weapon, a dagger that he's used since his earlier Sky Wizard career, possibly before receiving Gladius, and mainly uses when Gladius isn't needed. In the manga it is a double-edged dagger, while the anime it is more akin to a combat knife, looking similar to Gladius.


  • Strike Blaster - Magic Cannon Sword Battle Art that can shoot a powerful laser beam that can decimate the crowds of Beetles.
  • Black Aura - Not much is known about this form of power that Kanata uses but it is known as the curse/power of the beetles. This black aura gives him tremendous power as he was able to decimate the new type of Chimera and beetles with Single Striker Blaster and an incredible healing power that can heal minor wounds in mere seconds. However, it is noted that this curse/power is slowly draining his life force away as well as the reason for the decrease in his high magical reserve.
  • Limit Skill - Flash Sword - This is a Sword Art with restricted use due to the physical strain on the body, in which Kanata uses his magic power to accelerate his arm speed to the limit. Its burden is so much that even he can only use it four times a day.
  • Highly analytical and pretty fast in figuring out weakness his students' (or opponents') weakness and how to remove said weakness.


  • In the manga, his left ear is pierced.
  • He was the ace of S128 platoon.
  • He likes black coffee.
  • In the manga, the badge on his coat says S128 indicating that he is still a part of the S128 team and has just stopped participating in team battles. In the anime, the badge doesn't say S128 and is just a simple Wizard badge.
  • Kanata's Blackhawk could be a reference to Char Aznable's custom suits from Gundam series, both being custom made and 3 times as fast than the usual ones.
  • Kanata's appearance is almost similiar to Kirito, another role voiced by his voice actor, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and both of them also have the nickname "The black Swordsman" because of their black clothing and black-coloured sword.