Socié WhitaleEdit

The wife of Gale. He loved her very much and was very cheerful when she was alive. After her death, he forgets everything about her but when the officials tell him and Misora about Socié's fate he becomes terrified that he feels nothing about the death of his wife. He expected this since he was a Natural but her death made him worry about his daughter and her future. Her death also turned him into a more serious person.

Misora WhitaleEdit

The daughter of Gale and Socié. He loves her very much and they spent most of their time together when she was a child whenever Socié was away. But ever since Socié's death, there is a distance between the two due to the fact that she remembers Socié and he doesn't even though they still love each other. He is terrified that he might forget her too in the future.

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