The Strongest Traitor
Kana 最強の裏切り者
Romaji Saikyō no Uragirimono
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 2
Air/Release Date Jul 16, 2015(JST)
Novel Equivalent Volume 1
Manga Equivalent Volume 1
Previous "Fireteam E601'
Next "The Potentials of the Weakest"

  "The Strongest Traitor" is the second episode of the Kūsen Madōshi Kōhosei no Kyōkan (Sky Wizards Academy) anime. It aired on July 16 2015 (JST).


Misora is reluctant in accepting Kanata as their instructor but he says that if they have a problem they can take it up with the Sky Wizards Department. He says that he who is also known as 'Chronos' can make them stronger, even more than himself and they would be able to defeat the strongest teams. Rico disagrees and says that as a goddess she doesn't need to train but Kanata says he hasn’t seen her skill and according to Sky Wizards data her ability is lower than Misora. She reluctantly agrees but warns him not to fall in love with her after seeing her performance.

Meanwhile, Yuri asks Chloe if Kanata is still treated as on sick leave. Chloe says that it’s the sixth time she asked her that in the past week. She says that Kanata is still not ready to go out on missions and is now the instructor of an E ranked fireteam as per her request. Yuri gets angry about how he gets away with not assisting his own fireteam, working in logistics and now as an instructor. Chloe tells her not to speak badly about Kanata and says that he also wants to defend the peace of the city.

Up in the sky, Kanata takes the E601 on a trial run and finds that they have zero teamwork. He also finds that Misora, while brash, has decent and stamina. Lecty has powerful moves but gets nervous while facing an enemy and becomes inconsistent. He was impressed with Rico's strategy of combining Lecty's hand-to-hand combat with her sniping skills but says that her intentions (moves) were telegraphed.

Later, in the locker room, while the three were changing and Misora was upset about her small chest size, Kanata, with his bad (or amazing) timing, arrives to inform them about their training and gets labelled as a pervert once more.


Original airdate: July 16, 2015 (JST)

Written by: Inagaki Takayuki

Featured CharactersEdit

E601 S128

(The first number indicate order of appearance and the second number (if present) indicate their appearance in the same scene)

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