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Affiliation Insects

Archenars are the main fighters of the Armored Beetles Force and are commanded by a Chimera. They retreat if their commanding Chimera is defeated.


Archenars look like normal but enlarged beetles. They have a black outer body with purple glyphs on them along with red eyes and yellow wings. They also have four legs which they fold into their body while flying.

The Archenars are not individually very strong and can be defeated by even an E Ranker team. Their main strength is their overwhelming numbers. They always attack in large groups that can surround a single enemy quite easily. They can also shoot small green laser bullets. Their large numbers has also helped them breach the protective walls of Mistgun.

Their size is also quite small compared to their commander Chimeras and they will only attack till their commander is alive. If the commanding Chimera is destroyed, they retreat.

Training ArchenarsEdit

The Sky Wizards practice their skills by fighting the training Archenars. Unlike the normal Archenars, their body is pink, they are harmless and they pop like a balloon when hit but like the Archenars, the training Archenars also attack in large numbers. This helps the Wizards to devise strategies while fighting the real Archenars.


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